Events & Exhibitions

6.14 - 9.09.23

From the Expert Hand of Swedish Artist – Paul Schweider

“Strands and Structures”
 Strands of thought, inspire and inform intricately carved, blown glass structures of both improbable strength and curious fragility.

Past Events & Exhibitions

2.17 – 3.29.24

Czech Glass Artist – Wesley Rasko and American Painter – Jane Guthridge

“Freedom to Fly”
An exploration of artistic aspiration.

7.29 – 9.30.23

New Zealand artist – Luke Jacomb

Arising from the arts of ancient alchemy, based on the exploration of glass history.

6.15 - 7.26.23

Danish Artists – Backhaus Brown and Egevaerk

Inspired by the women of Norse mythology, symbolized in “glasskibe”, glass and wood boats.