New in the Gallery – Peter Wright’s “Bosque Seeds”

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New in the Gallery – Peter Wright’s “Bosque Seeds”

Peter lives on a plot of land bordering the edge of the Bosque Forest that runs along the Rio Grande River in New Mexico.  The forest is primarily made up of Cottonwood trees, but there are also some Chinese Elms mixed in.  Every spring these trees produce millions of seeds that cover the landscape.  If the seeds are not collected, and they get any water on them at all, they sprout.  If not pulled before, or as, they sprout they will propagate and spread.  While they can be very majestic once full grown, Peter prefers having some open space on his land.  And so, every year, he gathers the seeds.

These beautifully blown and carved elements varying in size from 6.5” to over 9.5” can be purchased individually or as a group and adapted to any wall, of any size.  Use your imagination or let us help design a unique layout for your space!  Call the gallery for more information at 970-429-4297.

View Peter Wright’s Work.

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