Aytac Davids Collective Joins the Gallery

Aytac Davids Collective Joins the Gallery

Welcome Ekin Aytac and Joshua Davids!  We are thrilled to present five, compelling new works, available now!

Ekin and Josh are a husband and wife team hailing from Edremit, Turkey and Colorado, USA respectively, that have lived, travelled, and created artwork together since 2014.   Drawing from a unique combination of culture and heritage, their signature body of work is a sculptural exploration offering reflections on the nature of self as it relates to the places and things that shape our experience. Referencing both modern and ancient mythos as well as a meditation on the causal relationship between set and setting, the artists weave a new visual tapestry of form, light, and color. Glass is a unique medium because of both its elemental nature and inherent optic qualities such as refraction, dispersion, transmission, and reflectivity – which speak directly to the movement of light within a material. In this series traditional vessel forms are manipulated into unconventional objects used to evoke landscapes viewed from a unique perspective. A variety of hot glass color applications, diamond cutting, and sand engraving coalesce and together represent the visual rhythms of a world we inhabit together. 

“As artists we see ourselves as storytellers. Every detail relays a sliver of information not only relating personal associations, but also providing a foothold for the viewer to make their own connections and find meaning as it resonates with them.” 

Each piece from this dynamic duo is meticulously planned.  In the hot shop, color, pattern and design, is applied to a clear bubble, some to the surface, some to the interior of the bubble. Once color is applied, the glass is blown out and shaped into a “blank” form and cooled to room temperature. After this “annealing”, the blanks are taken to the cold shop where sections of the bubble are cut away with a large diamond saw and refined into landscapes. Finally, a resist is applied to the piece and details are sand blasted into the work, removing surface layers and either retaining or limiting transparency while revealing the range of color throughout each piece. Patterns, windows and building details complete the cityscape motif and create a rich visual experience.

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