Aytac Davids Collective

Ekin Deniz Aytac and Joshua Davids are a collective husband and wife team of artists working in glass.  Hailing from Edremit, Turkey and Colorado, USA respectively, this dynamic duo draws from a unique combination of culture, heritage, and experience to elicit profound expression in new works of glass art.

The signature body of work, “Cityscapes” is a sculptural exploration offering reflections on the nature of self as it relates to the places and things that shape our experience.  Drawing on both modern and ancient mythos as well as a meditation on the causal relationship between set and setting, the artists weave a new visual tapestry of form, light and color.  Glass is a unique medium because of both its elemental nature and inherent optic qualities such as refraction, dispersion transmission and reflectivity – which speak directly to the movement of light within a material.  In these pieces traditional vessel forms are manipulated into unconventional objects used to evoke landscapes viewed from a unique perspective.  A variety of hot glass color applications, diamond cutting and sand engraving coalesce and together represent the visual rhythms of a world we inhabit together.