Backhaus-Brown & Egeværk

Glasskibe are made in a collaboration between the glass artist duo Backhaus-Brown and award-winning cabinetmakers Egeværk. Each ship is constructed of a unique glass hull decorated Battuto-style. The keel is meticulously crafted to fit the glass hull – in dimensions as well as expression. The process of creating a glass ship is long and painstaking – and actually begins three months prior to assembling the ship; first of all the perfect piece of wood is selected and stored for drying. Once the creation really begins, each ship literally goes back and forth between the two workshops several times before it is done.

The base of the creative collective is found an hour’s drive north of Copenhagen in a peaceful and scenic area. Backhaus-Brown and Egeværk are next door neighbors at the quayside of Hundested Harbour with stunning views of both Kattegat and Roskilde Fjord. This is an area where some of the most important historical Viking ships and other artifacts from the Viking Era have been excavated.

The inhabitants of both workshops enjoy taking a moment to gaze at the horizon imagining the busy traffic of the Viking Era. Andrew Brown – who specializes in the ‘cold’ Battuto grinding technique – was one day inspired by a reflection in the water that reminded him of the way the planks of the Viking ships were carved. Maybe it would be possible to capture the expression and the masterful craftsmanship of those ships in a work of art? And maybe their neighbor Egeværk could create parts of the ship? According to Andrew, this was the beginning of something beautiful; the creative collaboration sparkled and the Viking ship collection was launched!

Watch Glasskibe – The Making of HRØNN, a film about the dedicated craftsmanship of Backhaus-Brown & Egeværk.