Jane Guthridge

Jane Goethel Guthridge earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Kent State University.  Expanding her horizons to include a European experience, she continued her studies with Armin Hoffman and Paul Rand in Brissago, Switzerland. She later attended the Art Students League of Denver.

Guthridge is known for her encaustic paintings, using a process where heat is used at every stage of the painting by melting a mixture of beeswax and pigment on to paper. She adds resin to her pigment mixture when she wants to create a hard texture. With great skill she can control the wax to combine clear detailed elements with complementary areas of diffused soft-focus patterns.

The abstract images she creates are often in a series presented in a diptych or triptych format. In “The Color of Water” the rectangles are divided by overlapping layers of blue, aqua and lavender that affect each other and are all visible at once. Small circles dance randomly across the surface and seem like petals that have fallen on a gently flowing stream. The piece evokes the beauty of nature and the mood created is serene and contemplative.