Judson Guérard

Judson combines the skills of an artisan and carpenter with the heart of an artist and philosopher. He built all his own equipment from the furnaces to the molds, explaining “It indulges my desire to tinker.” And while he finds deep satisfaction in working with his hands he is also driven to express his deepest thoughts. With a BA in Philosophy from the University of North Carolina and a MA in Comparative East-West Philosophy from the University of Hawaii, it is fitting that Judson’s non functional work is based upon his philosophical ideas.

One of his themes expresses the idea of chaos. In exploring this theme he seeks to achieve balance between the random shapes of the fused glass parts and the thoughtful arrangement of these elements into a cohesive form. Another theme is based on the Buddhist idea of the “emptiness of being” in which Judson uses the openness of the vessel form to evoke this Zen concept.

His “River Rocks” series is a beautiful, simple celebration of nature. An undulating platter of translucent etched glass holds a group of smooth glass river ‘stones’. The piece has a contemplative quality as though one has stopped by a quiet pond to enjoy the glistening light reflected on the wet stones.