2023 Exhibition - 6.15 - 7.26

Danish Artists – Backhaus Brown and Egevaerk

Backhaus-Brown & EgeværkValkyrie… Warrior woman of Norse mythology, forever linked with fate.
At the command of the god Odin, they ride skillfully through the air and over the sea to select who will fall in battle, ushering them to Valhalla.

Glasskibe… “Glass boats”
Hulls of hand blown and shaped glass, ground using the ancient Italian technique of “Battuto”.
Keels of carved oak, carefully drafted and fitted for each ship.

The Process


The hulls are made of glass – first shaped by hand and mouth and then ground by means of an ancient Italian technique called “Battuto”. These extraordinary patterns are reminiscent of how the Viking ship planks used to be crafted.

The process requires masterful glasswork and implies that two hulls can never be the same.

The hulls of the viking ships are created by glass artists Nanna Backhaus Brown and Andrew Jason Brown in their magnificent workshop in Hundested. The challenging “Battuto” technique is Andrew’s specialty.


When the hull is finished, a meticulous collaboration between the glass artists and the cabinetmakers from Egeværk begins.

As every hull is unique, every keel has to be constructed accordingly. Careful drafting and fitting is required for each ship. The keels are made of oak – a must in maritime crafts due to its hardy nature. The strong wood is carefully handled until completely perfect and smooth as silk. At the end of the process the hull and the keel are joined and the ship is being ground and polished for the last time.

The details vary from ship to ship – as does the overall expression of each ship.