Scott Fraser

Born in 1957 in Evanston Illinois, Scott Fraser is a leading figure in twenty-first century realist painting, specializing in taking ordinary objects and composing them in extraordinary ways. He breathes new life into traditional subject matters with a high level of skill and remarkable sensibility. His work can be found in over 25 museum collections around the country including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Denver Art Museum and the Fine Arts Museums in San Francisco.

Many adjectives have been used to describe Fraser’s work: quirky, intense, humorous, thoughtful; but above all, there is a sense of the personal in his unique compositions. Fraser taps into a variety of influences, including art history, former teachers, friends and family. Anything is fair game, as far as subject matter is concerned. By composing narratives that capture the imagination, Fraser creates the kind of art that lingers in the viewers mind.

Visually stunning, informative, and broad in scope, this comprehensive video overview gathers the works of renowned still-life painter Scott Fraser.

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