Shane Fero

The birds and totemic spirits in Shane Fero’s work dance to a rhythm created by his imagination. This lively energy imbues his vessels and sculptural work with a unique spirit that delights the viewer.  The inventiveness of Fero’s work is influenced by his interest in anthropology, philosophy, mythology and psychology.  In describing his work  he says, “I choose to integrate humor and other thought provoking devices in these images. My work could be described as colorful, serious, FUN!”

Shane Fero began glassmaking in 1968 as an apprentice to Roger Smith in Winterhaven, Florida, a position he would hold for six years. During this time he was also a Philosophy and Anthropology student at Polk Community College in Winterhaven.

In 1974, he moved to New York to study Philosophy at Plattsburg State University and continued glassmaking during a three year apprenticeship with Jerry and Lee Coker of Lake Placid. He went on to study with many renown glass artists including Frederick Birkhall for lampworking, Stephan Dee Edwards for hot glass techniques, Paul Marioni for sculpting and casting, and  Kurt Wallstab for German lampworking