The Goodman Studio

On March 22, 2012, Canadian glass artist Jeff Goodman died of complications related to cancer. During his career he was an instructor at Sheridan College, a mentor and advisor at Harbourfront Centre, a board member for the Ontario Craft Council and for the Glass Art Association of Canada, as well as principal of Jeff Goodman Studio

Goodman was a versatile glass artist who excelled in both glass blowing and casting techniques.  He created beautiful, abstract, artistic forms such as his hand blown “Lima” vessels. These vessels were sandblasted to create a soft translucency and transmit light in a subtle and sensuous way. His “Ovelle” series was made with the same grace and translucency, but in addition, these lithe pieces evoke the human form. This reference is very abstract and subtle but the viewer definitely perceives human gesture, form and beauty in these vessels.

Goodman also produced architectural works for both private and public patrons. One of his works, consisting of eighty blown vessels and a six foot by three foot cast panel, was included in the Hollywood movie “Three to Tango.” This work was considered right for the movie since it combined a classic and modern style, incorporating the delicacy of glass with the roughness of urban materials such as raw steel.