Peter Bremers

Paul BremersMaking art is a dedication to creation. To decide what needs to be created demands a strange mix of self- reflection, responsiveness to the world we`re in, seeking inspiration and discriminating what has merit to be pursued. It puzzles the mind, challenges the heart and questions the soul. For me it is a journey into understanding who I am, how I want to communicate with the world and what I believe needs to be put into form as a valuable addition to the vast ocean of ‘stuff’ that is being produced in the name of art. It humbles me, makes me insecure, at times depressed, frustrated or utterly blissful, mostly. To create is not a choice but a necessity; it is my life and my reason of being as well as my greatest joy. My attempt to my best ability, is to give my ever-changing vision of beauty to this world. It`s up to the world to decide if it is of any value.

“POSITIVE SPACE” Glass Sculptures by Peter Bremers

Connected Space by Paul BremersThe void or opening in a sculpture is often referred to as negative space. Making the negative space the dominating form in the sculpture, the negative space so becomes positive. whether it is an existing opening, cavity or an illusion, it defines an elusive volume that changes due to reflections in the glass and the optics that are a result of the shape. By playing with differences in thickness and surface, velvet or polished, that space can be dominating or appear subdued, as light changes the optical experience of form.

Finding ourselves in a time of increasingly negative perception of every day`s news events and an overall rising feeling of being unsafe in an unhealthy world of religious, political and social divisiveness, we may forget to focus on the possibilities and comfort offered by positive action and attitude. Positive space symbolizes tolerance, appreciation, hope and opportunity.

In these sculptures, the artist transforms his personal view in forms that remind the spectator of the individual choice to perceive what seems negative as positive.