Cal Breed

I make sculpture similar to the way I build a fire.  When building a fire, I work with both a plan and with intuition.  Layer upon layer, meticulous placements of a twig framework are laid all in order.  Then disregarding order completely, I just grab sticks and add them till the stack just feels to be the right size.  I light the wood while continuing to add sticks and logs until the fire is almost out of control.  Then I tend to it till it calms and finds its own.  My spirit calms and finds its own.  I add wood as need be, but the fire is done being built. Being complete, the fire is now to warm yourself and gain light.  I am now no longer the maker, but the viewer.  This shifting from maker to viewer is how I know my sculptural works are complete.

Sometimes a fire is to enjoy for a long night and to be proud of. Sometimes it is just weak, and not what you expected.  At that point, it is best to go to bed early and let it burn out.

My intention in the process is to make work like one who builds fires that rage even in a rainstorm.

Scalding, dangerous, and absolutely beautiful. This is Orbix Hot Glass by Cal Breed.