Noel Hart

There are just so many possibilities.”

This statement describes the philosophy Noel Hart lives in his life, work and art. After earning his diploma for art and design, Hart traveled throughout Australia, Europe, Asia, Central America and the USA. He worked as an art therapist, photographer, screen printer, graphic designer, and a rigger in the construction industry. Hart also earned a pilot’s license and established a theatre company while continuing to study art and create and exhibit his work.

In the late 1980s Noel, his wife Helene and son Gabriel moved to the rainforest near Byron Bay where he could “live with and be outnumbered by other species.” That move kindled a renewed interest in parrots and the other tropical birds of the rainforest, which continues to influence and inspire his work.

Hart is comfortable working in many different mediums, including painting, photography, and experimenting with glass. However, since early 2000, he has worked primarily with blown glass and oil paint on linen.