Jamie Harris

Jamie Harris is a glass artist and designer living in New York. A graduate of Brown University, he has studied at some of the most prestigious glass schools in the country including: the Pilchuck Glass School, the Rhode Island School of Design, the Penland School of Crafts, the Haystack School, and the Corning Museum of Glass. Jamie has also benefited greatly by studying with many of the most renowned glass artists in the world, such as Dante Marioni, Josiah McElheny, Benjamin Moore, Kathy Eliot and Ben Edols.

Speaking of the importance of collaboration Jamie says,

“My work is made in a highly coordinated team effort, where the assemblage of collected talent yields a higher degree of intensity and creative output than could be achieved in the glass studio by working alone. This sense of team involvement is one of the greatest joys of glassmaking, and the action of the team is an integral part of my work.”

Jamie’s “Mod Series” is about “bright and loud movements of color.” Though these pieces were created using traditional Italian wheel-cutting techniques, his on-going experimentation in glass carving focuses not on decoration of the surface but in the use of carving as actual line and form in itself, turning the vessel wall into a Modernist canvas where the “color spills out from within the piece.”