Harriet Schwarzrock

Australian glass artist Harriet Schwarzrock received a Bachelor of Arts degree in glass from Sydney College of the Arts, Australia in 1998. Schwarzrock and partner Matthew Curtis, a renowned glass artist, share a studio in Queanbeyan, New South Wales, Australia, with their good friend and talented glass blower Sophia Emmett.

“My practice is in itself a shifting puzzle, at times a raucous family affair with contributions from two lovely boys and a wonderful partner. At other moments it is a quiet distillation of material, and the contemplation and placement of forms to create sculptural works.”

Schwarzrock blows gracefully curved and undulating forms which are sandblasted to a frosty, soft matte finish and mounted on stainless steel bases. The components, when arranged, evoke sea-life waving in under water currents, plants swaying in the breeze or, on a more abstract level, the movement and rhythm of life.  The overall effect is one of graceful movement, beauty and life-energy described in a poetic, metaphoric way.