Thomas Scoon

I create figures from sequences of stone and glass. They rise up from the external landscape where I live, a place filled with remnants of stonewalls and glacial erratic. I gather stones from quarry rubble and New Hampshire neighbors who allow me to choose from their land. The glass portions of the sculpture are combined with these found stones, suggesting human figures. I choose rocks that evoke the feeling and gesture of human forms. I look for flat rocks with curved edges and tapering form to suggest torsos or a triangulation of stone with a cleft that hints of a head. I do very little to alter these stones in the process, perhaps just chiseling or cutting a bit. Instead, I seek to emphasize qualities already naturally present.

Layering kiln-cast glass with stone allows light to pass through the figures and, hopefully, imbue a spiritual and physical essence of human nature into each sculpture. By marrying fire and earth with the modern process of casting glass, there is a fusion of composition and chance.

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