AbOUT Raven Gallery

Raven Gallery in Aspen, Colorado strives to blend the creative efforts of the human hand with the art of nature.

Occupying the site of the former Pismo Gallery, we are the third in a succession of outstanding galleries doing business at the beautiful, open and spacious location.  On two floors, we represent top glass artists of the world, a select group of painters and sculptors, and an extraordinary array of globally sourced mineral specimens.  At street level, we continue to carry many of the same artists who had shown with Pismo such as Baldwin & Guggisberg, Rick Beck, Jose Chardiet, Rob Douglas, Ben Edols and Kathy Elliott, Jane Guthridge, Sidney Hutter, David Patchen, Christopher Ries, Toland Sand, Paul Schweider, Roger Thomas and Bertil Valien.  On the lower level a selection of natural art including extraordinary minerals, crystals and petrified wood, rivaling any museum collection, fills the space with light and vibrancy.

With integrity and service as our priority, our mission at Raven Gallery is to connect our buyers vision and aesthetic to the art they seek. We hope you will visit us in Aspen soon!