Scarlett Kanistanaux

Scarlett Kanistanaux creates portraits in clay that are absolutely arresting. While meticulously rendered in a realistic style, the viewer is afforded an experience that transcends mere realism.

Kanistanaux accomplishes this intention in several ways. An example entitled “Blessing” is a head that measures 43 inches in height. The monumentality is powerful, exerting a commanding presence. The surface is a mysteriously perfect, smooth, softly glowing black gesso. The face seems to be a real person and at the same time an ideal expression of serenity. And most importantly, but hardest to define, is the actual spirit and intention of Kanistanaux, whose efforts to share her vision of peace and beauty have resulted in such a compelling body of work.

In 2014, Kanistanaux was represented by Pismo gallery at Art Palm Beach in Florida. From 2011 to 2013, she participated in Pismo’s exhibition at SOFA in Chicago. In 2013, she was chosen to exhibit in “Art of the State” at the Arvada Center in Colorado and took “First Place.” In 2010, she was awarded first place in the Foothills Art Center exhibition, “Colorado Clay”. In 2009, she was represented at the National Sculpture Society’s “76th Annual Exhibition” in New York City, winning the Pietro and Alfrieda Montana Memorial Prize. In 2005, Kanistanaux participated in the “Loveland Sculpture Invitational” and in the years since 2006 she has been selected to exhibit in the juried show “Sculpture in the Park”, in Loveland, Colorado.