Otto Duecker

Artist Otto Duecker was born in Milwaukee and raised in the Netherlands, Turkey and Germany before his family eventually settled in Oklahoma. In 1970 he earned a bachelor of fine arts degree from Oklahoma State University.

Much of Duecker’s early work focused on marginal members of society. He first received national attention in the 1970s for his “Drifters” series of life-size cutout paintings of street people. In a variety of poses, these figures stared boldly at the viewer with such a precise and powerful presence that they created an almost supernatural effect.

Duecker’s exploration of New Realism has resulted in a body of work that is unique to the genre. His fascination with history and artists led him to create his current series of trompe l’oeil portraits of strong 20th century personalities.

His oil on board paintings of black and white photographs of iconic figures are a testament to his uncanny skill. Whether it is a quirky portrait of Albert Einstein in front of a blackboard filled with mathematical formulas, or a sultry Marilyn Monroe dabbing on a bit of perfume, Duecker captures the very essence of these beloved and well-known subjects.