Marc Petrovic

Marc Petrovic graduated from the Cleveland institute of art in 1991 where he was the recipient of the top Agnes Gund Memorial scholarship. He works out of his private studio that he shares with his wife Kari Russell-Pool near their home in Essex, Connecticut

“For nearly two decades I have employed birds and bird imagery as a metaphor for my ruminations on relationships, parenting, home, shelter, and geographical identification. As an artist, I have been drawn to the ideas of identity that grow out of a sense of place and self. In my newest series, Avian, I take a closer look at this subject as I pixelate, deconstruct and then reconstruct these birds. They are built, much like we are – one piece, or experience, at a time. Because I use glass as my medium, I pixelate by making my own murrini (slices of variously colored glass canes). I assemble and fuse them into abstract patterned tablets, which I view as fully realized deconstructed birds while also forming them, through my own, “hot-origami” process, into sentient birds.”