Hiroshi Yamano

Hiroshi Yamano has lived and worked both in Japan and the United States. He is a master glass artist whose work has been called “A triumphant blend of both sculptural beauty and graphic intelligence.”

His work, with its repeated imagery of fish that are often half in and half out of water, mirrors his personal struggle balancing two cultures, and his journey through life as he continually searches for the experiences that keep him creatively rejuvenated and alive.

Yamano says,

“My work comes from all of my experience. Since I was 17 years old, I started to travel all over Japan, Europe, and the United States. I like to keep moving and have different experiences. The memories I have from my experiences is my most important treasure. To keep getting my treasures, I have to keep swimming the world like a fish swimming in the waters. I am a fish which is always looking for something. I am a fish which can not stop swimming until my body stops. Maybe I will swim forever, like the universe does.”