Deanna Clayton

Deanna Clayton creates glass sculpture in vessel form as well as figurative works.  She specializes in the glass casting technique called pate de verre and has taught classes in her technique at Corning Glass in New York, The Cleveland Institute of Art and DMG Glass Project in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Deanna was introduced to glass right out of high school while earning her Associates in Fine Arts at Bucks County PA.  Wanting to continue her education in glass, she researched and realized that the glass program taught by Henry Halem at Kent State University had produced some of the most successful glass artists of the time.  After two years with Henry at Kent State she moved to Champaign Urbana, IL to attend the University of Illinois and there she finished her degree.  While still attending the University she started a glass studio and worked in central Illinois for ten years before discovering her beautiful Door County, WI where she lives and works to this day.

I’m a contemporary glass artist because I love the versatility and freshness of glass as an artistic medium. The potential for expression in glass is limitless.

– Deanna Clayton