Jennifer Caldwell & Jason Charkravarty

Jennifer Caldwell and Jason Chakravarty split their time between Jen’s studio in Washington State and Jason’s in Arizona. Their collaborative work is a melding of their individual talent’s and mutual vision.

Humor, whimsy and imagination are cathartic components of Jen Caldwell’s studio practice that enable her to address more serious emotions from a place of playfulness. Observing objects from the world around her, she conveys ideas by identifying features of those things that she is drawn to. Color, form and historical meaning become a point of departure and focus, while aspects that make these objects live or function in reality, become secondary or completely denied during the creative process. They become beautiful, yet un-functional, or are combined in a way to see the paradoxes through which she views the world.

Jason Chakravarty is a mixed media, object maker who works primarily in cast glass.  Glass can be anything; thick, thin, shiny, dull, rough, smooth, transparent, or opaque and is the only material that can capture light. While material and notably glass are important, Jason’s emphasis is within the narrative. His most recent works are semi-auto biographical and reflect on human relationships, communication, and social networking.