Sean Hennessey

The main body of my artwork is illuminated wall relief sculpture created by kiln-forming window glass then layering it with a combination of drawing, painting, digital prints and found objects. Within the form of traditional didactic architectural relief sculpture I create images and glimpses of suggested stories involving obstacles, hope, growth, acceptance, overcoming, and finding a place in the world.

In my pieces, I offer ways of thinking about our lives, and hope to provide sincere works that inspire others to live thoughtfully and creatively. While it is representational it is also laced with a sense of longing and memory, alternate meanings and metaphors for objects in our lives, both common and slightly nostalgic. An old door from memory is a portal for change and possibilities that may exist. A lock keeps us away from things we may want, or keeps safe the things we hold near and dear. An old bicycle pump is a symbol of breathing, and a metaphor of the need for relentless action.